Mr. Hari (Asharyanto) is the Director of the firm who alsoleads the Corporate Services Area. Hari has extensive knowledge on a broad range of cross-border transactional matters, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and organizational transactions.

He has also significant expertise in complex commercial contracts in various industrial sectors as well as shareholders agreements, proxy materials, corporate governance, restructuring, terms of business and partnership agreements. Hari’s background has provided him a range of tools to dealing with and advising owners of local business and multinational corporations on all aspects of their business.

Hari has other expertise in providing general corporate representation to various established and emerging businesses which covers a wide range of corporate legal issues including the negotiation of strategic alliances, the ongoing governance of entities, the formation and financing of startup companies, negotiating and documenting of a vast array of commercial transactions.

Hari, has various clients range from start-ups to mature public companies in various industries including natural energy, technology, food services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, restaurant, and technology.

His experiences in Representative matters has been acknowledged since he has several work experiences in this field as below :

  1. PT Pasundan Resources in cooperation with private gas company related to Gas Construction;
  2. Dewata Group in its acquisition of several mining companies in Indonesia;
  3. PT AKR in its acquisition of PT Jabal Nor;
  4. BQ Group in Capital, Shares restructuring on its subsidiaries;
  5. PT Adicipta Inovasi (“AdIns”) in reviewing Technical Agreement of Financial Software System;
  6. PT Prima Andalan Mandiri in conducting Legal Due Diligence (LDD) on Mining Business License and also Coal Contract of Work;
  7. PT Bayer Indonesia in conducting Legal Due Diligence (LDD) on Factory Operational and Land Permit compliance with Indonesian Laws and Regulations;
  8. Chaswood Resources SDN. BHD in expanding their Food & Beverage business in Indonesia, with Brand name is Bulgogi Brothers and TGIF Friday;
  9. PT VFS- Services Indonesia in their day-to-day operations and corporate compliance with Indonesian Laws and regulations;
  10. K-Swiss International Manufacturing Ltd in their day-to-day operations and corporate compliance with Indonesian Laws and regulations;
  11. KV Asia Capital in their day-to-day operations and corporate compliance with Indonesian Laws and regulations;
  12. PT Dynapack Indonesia in their day-to-day employment arrangement. etc.

Above mentioned qualifications has been an assets for the firm and provided a guarantee that Hari, who earned his degree in Sharia Law, cum laude, from State Islamic University of Jakarta, will brings quality services to clients. Hari also a member of Indonesia Sharia Attorney’s Association and admitted to Indonesian Bar Association.

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