Bimo Prasetio is a Creative Legalpreneur, founder of SMART Legal Network and Co-Founder of, a collaborative platform to help social project.

In his early career, Bimo worked as a journalist of Later, he joined trainee program in Makarim & Taira, became a corporate lawyer in Adnan Buyung Nasution & Partners and Hanafiah Ponggawa & Partners. In 2010, he opened his own law firm.

Initially stuck in running a conventional law firm, he found many opportunities and built platform as an One Stop Trusted Legal Solution for Indonesian Business.

During his career, Bimo has experiences in handling various commercial transactions and disputes.

He also campaigned for UKM Melek Hukum (Small Medium Enterprise/SME on Legal Literacy), which is now managed by BPL Foundation, with its theme “connecting legal to entrepreneurship.”

He did various campaigns and legal advocacies for SMEs, including Bebiluck case, which at the time became a national issue. He made a petition which gained nearly 10.000 supports within 3 days.

Moreover, the effort of Bimo and his colleague in Association of Indonesian Employers of Joint Office Services (Perhimpunan Pengusaha Jasa Kantor Bersama Indonesia/PERJAKBI) has succeeded in paving the way on supporting the reinstatement and regulation of virtual office and joint office services in Jakarta. This action may provide legal solutions for SMEs and start-up companies who want to establish business entities and need business domicile.

In addition to joining various entrepreneurs’ organizations, Bimo currently serves as Secretary General of Komunitas Tangan di Atas (TDA), Indonesia’s largest entrepreneur community which spread across 56 cities in Indonesia and 5 countries in the world.

Receiving a mandate as a part of TDA 5.0 management is a call to contribute to the entrepreneurship community in Indonesia.

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