Widyaretna Buenastuti Wihardijono has a multidisciplinary background as a combination of her education background, her practice as well as her working experience. She was graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in year 1996, then she took Strategic Leadership Program in 2005 from Macquarie University, Australia and continued her strategic management post graduate degree where she obtained her Magister Management Degree in year 2011 from Prasetiya Mulya Business School. Currently she is a Candidate Doctor of Law in University of Pelita Harapan.

Widya’s combination skills of legal, communication, diplomacy and business has given her a rounded well knowledge on the challenges and opportunities for business environment. She has also quite significant network particularly in the healthcare industry and legal community.

Upon obtaining her law degree, she immediately was employed by Mochtar, Karuwins’ Komar, one of the big law firm in Jakarta for 6 years. During her tenure with this firm, her strength was in corporate legal matters from counseling a start up company until counseling liquidation processes. She also expanded her knowledge and practice in the area of M&A, Business Competition and Labour related matters.

Widya then moved to be the in-house counsel for PT. Pfizer Indonesia from 2002-2011. She built up the legal department and have won many legal cases for Pfizer. She master up her knowledge on lutellectual property rights and business competition in addition to what she had. In 2011 she took the courage to more lateral as Public Affairs & Communications Director of Pfizer Indonesia (2011-2017). Her diplomacy skills and engagement with stakeholders were sharpened over time.

Her passion to finding solutions in the work that she performs has also led her to master up her skills and knowledge in the field of Public Policy and Regulatory. Her strong legal knowledge and experience have given her the strong foundation in building up good advocacy platform with stakeholders. Not only that, her talented skills in communications and her interest in community building are a good combination features that bring her great works in developing a suitable CSR activities that lead to several awards.

She has been engaged in many speaking and lecturing opportunity from various institutions. Among the topics of her expertise are those related with Pharmaceutical industry, Anti- counterfeiting, intellectual property topics, litigation PR, Business Communications, Legal communications, CSR matters and leadership topics.

She is also active in the related associations. Widya was also the founder of the Inhouse Corporate Counsel Associations (ICCA) (2003). She is the chairperson of the Indonesian Anti Counterfeiting Society or in it Bahasa known as Masyarakat Indonesia Anti Pemalsuan (MIAP) from 2008 – 2017. She was also one of the founder of Arbitration and Mediation Body for Intellectual Property.

She has also published a book in 2015 titled Everyday is a Miracle, a compilation of inspirational short true stories.

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